New term

We are getting close to the new term.
Dont forget to sign up for elevator bitches on 16.10. The class trip to Georgia is ON! see below. There will be two seminars led by Boaz and Max in the scope of new research project. Details to follow as they emerge from the grey dust of bureaucracy. Also, any news on your Rotterdam class-in-exile plan?
In the meantime some information for you from your personal tutor:
Dear Fellow lensbasers
Here I am sending the trip schedule for Georgia
1.10  – arrival day /two people Max & Bruno are arriving on 4.10 – Neda, Pauline and Lennart are arriving on 28.09/
at the airport we have to divide the group. One part of the group will stay at my place and another part will go to Tekla’s father’s studio. If there will not be enough place, Dadu can also take few people with her.
2.10  – we are all invited by Jesse Takeshi and Elene to their project opening in Batumi /very lovely city in the west coast of Georgia/
If u would like to go there I would suggest to take a night train on 1.10,  we will arrive there on 2.10 early morning, spend two days over there and then we can go straight to the village from there.  /No free accommodation in Batumi/ please text me back, i need to know how many of u want to go there.
4.10   – we are going to Racha /small village called “I Tola” in the south Caucasus/ where we gonna spend 3 days.
in case if we all go to Racha straight from Batumi Dadu is gonna pick Max and Bruno in Tbilisi and they will join us in the village.
there are some activities being planed in  Racha as well. Josh and Elene are going to curate each nights. so there is one slot left, any volunteers?
7.10  – we are back in Tbilisi.
8.10   – Hito arrives in Tbilisi and the same day we all going to visit Ms Shakarian. I still have not found her. Next Tuesday I am in Georgia so I am gonna visit her village and will find her to make an appointment. Hope she is still in a healthy condition and full of energy as we all remember her from the last decade.
9.10  – we gonna have lecture-performances and video screenings in the Literature Museum in Tbilisi. After the midnight, 3 people from the group – Max, Mikk and short hear Adrian gonna play for us in one of the nicest nightclub called “Mtkvari” /I am still communicating with the owners of the club, so I will give u some more details bit later/
10-10  – midnight u will leave your miserable and exhausted Georgian friend, which will join u soon in Berlin.
Of course in between those days we gonna meet some locals and visit some nice local gas-stations to degustate Georgian wine .
Here below I am sending the list of the people who already booked the tickets and ones who confirmed that they are coming. Also I would like to announce that the list is closed and if someone wants to come they got to organize their trip by their own. Unless someone already confirmed before and I forgot to insert his/her name in the list.

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