Monday screenings: NA SREBRNYM GLOBIE ON THE SILVER GLOBE, 20h R115, 16.5

R:Andrzey zulwaski,Poland 1989
the masterprojekt of andrzej wajda scholar zulawski which he started to shoot in 1977 after he directed nachtblende with romy schneider and klaus kinski in paris. zulawski got banned from poland after his first feature diable and went back to paris where he had lived with his diplomat father and studied film before. to film on the silver globe was his dream ever since he was a teenager and red “the lunar triology” his grandoncle jerzey zulwaski had written. a group of astronauts landed on the silver planet to die and plant the seed for an unwanted bastard mankind desperately yearning for a new earth astronaut messiah fullfilling their prophecies. as the natives of the planet start to gather an army against the invaders a new spaceship arrives. wide angle lenses, the pictures printed in blueish-silverish color, the actors madly screeming and running about, no minute without language, a thunderstorm of words that is. unusually reduced sciencefiction aesthetics crash a rich dark naturehandcraft culture, bitter minds on both sides. jeff invites you for 3 hours observing of THE FINEST sci-fi. [1] [2] [3] [4]

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One Response to Monday screenings: NA SREBRNYM GLOBIE ON THE SILVER GLOBE, 20h R115, 16.5

  1. feliks says:

    would you like some dollyshots?
    this film has such a variety of them according to the situation and emotions. thanks for bringing this one up and excuse me for not having done it to the screening. anyway, this film is ultimate science fiction and after i have seen star wars (3,4,5) for up to 20 times, and 2001, a space odyssee for at least 5 times i have to see it again. the look of it reminds me so much of theese ones and its philosophical content seems to be as actual to theese days as back then.
    all this in a 70s film adopted by a novel from around 1900!
    is it this bluish filmtape which makes you feel blue for the movie?
    congrats to the filmdiggers.

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