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Congratulations everybody to a great opening and a great night! All spaces have turned out great. Well done! Vincent made this leaflet, thanks for this! Anybody who took pictures, send them to me, pls, I´ll post them. (especially the embarrassing … Continue reading

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Grand Opening 14.7, 18h

in front of casino, R98. We´ll have a tour of all the spaces and say good bye to the people leaving us as well as thank Yara, who, for admin reasons, cannot continue being a tutor. Bring drinks pls.

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the color of money – actitivies 14th-17th july 2011

A casino will be squatting R98 from 14.7-17.7. You know, casino, like horse-betting, bingo, blackjack, shady characters who’d trick you out of your last piece of underpants (but pay your cab-ride home), gasoline and all the shenanigans. other than that: … Continue reading

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