CFP: Working Papers, June 18th/19th

This is a call for papers for a small 2-day conference to discuss papers in
process with a group of interested people. Any topic is welcome, length of
individual presentation should be around 40min max. Any mixed media format
is fine, there should be an emphasis on text, though.
Please send an email immediately, if you´d like to present something plus
two sentences to give an indication of the content, so I can try to organise
a sensible schedule for the meeting. If there´s enough interest, the meeting
will take place on June 18th and 19th from 10h-17h. This would then take
place instead of the initially scheduled workshop „The pocket“. I will
present some new papers in progress too: on spam, scam and possibly
occupation. (I realised that there are quite many people in the group, who would possibly be interested in such a format, hence the sudden proposition…)

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One Response to CFP: Working Papers, June 18th/19th

  1. Irina Kaldewey says:

    I would really like to join and I gave my hand sign as well for that good idea. i am just worried that i might not have the time to prepare cause i have still much work to do for absolvent. but anyway i will see how the work flow goes and i am looking forward to maybe just see some of ur works…? best Irina

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