First class meet 15.10 2pm R115

thecroodsI hope you had a nice vacation. All our dates for winter term are up on wiki.
Looking forward to our retreat in the woods focusing on lecture performance. A strictly secret gathering hunched around some primordial camp fire. Read this for starters since this is how it all starts; but Nancy´s male storyteller is in fact a she and she might be called Chelsea Manning. And her story might not create a community but blow up existing ones, white male secret rackets maintaining an architecture of “information domination” (I am not making this term up, actually), and we need more like her to blow up a long list of other ones.
In other news I also updated FAQ´s particularly for people seeking letters of recommendation for DAAD and Fulbright grant schemes. The rule is extremely simple: pls follow the class for one term before asking such recommendations. I am getting up to a hundred requests per term and cannot deal with this onslaught without clear rules. DO contact me if you are affected by Schengen laws, live outside Europe or North America/Australia and face insane waiting lines, interrogation and exorbitant fees at our embassies of shame around the world. In this case I will vouch for you automatically in protest against German immigration law. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Prep your 5 min elevator bitches for Tu Oct. 22nd + 3 performances by Leon, Gago and Candice plus drinks for freshmen/woman.

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