Thymes Bar 11-14.7, R98

A storm came from the future and swept this boat into the courtyard.
What else to do than transform it into the art space that no one dared to hope for!
Ladies, Gentlemen, Human and Organic Creatures, what have we got?
– a drone hum darkroom for private analog business conducted in full privacy. Digital approaches work too, come think of it. Log in!
– a home made ice cream parlor, 11 voluptuous flavours named after world-famous compression codecs, all look same – yummy!
– drop your phone at the art selfie booth to keep it entertained; circulationist software meets military-industrial hardware! Win an individual selfie tutorial with your personal NSA supervisor! Get a free drink upon upload! Use social media for intoxication!
– nicely lit buffer zones and strategic corridors.
–  3D printed dance floor. Old-school electricity, brickwork, musical entertainment system, invisible audio waves, oxygen, beats, 2013.
Diese Bar ist wahr! (und das Wahre dran ist klar.)
Thu 11.7 from 8pm til Sunday 10pm. R98 Hardenbergstr.33.

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