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Feedback from a satisfied MoM prosumer, who learned and enjoyed his lesson. Written and delivered in pristine IAE.
Yes its smashing you are proud of your race and home countrymen . But to just blindly bet on a hero cause he was delivered in the same country as you or your mom is just manifest dumb and will often meters leave you separated .
I remember one of my Mexican-American employees Juan would always bet with other Mexican co workers on the Pacquiao fights. Juan would always put $ 100 on Pacquiao and the Mexicans would ever bet on Pacquiao’s Mexican opponent with out any logical system to it what so of all time. You do the math, Juan’s a smart guy. xEOL .2. Do n’t bet on your heroes. Yes we all have our boxing betting heroes to the point of where others may call us the term : “nut hugger”. I am a HUGE Roy Jones Jr sports fan and I will never bet facing him yet now when he’s 40 yrs old and a mere shell of the once unbeatable topnotch man he was previously for his whole life history.
I believed first rate man was going to fly back into the ring against Joe Calzaghe that night and he did show up but just for the actual round unluckily . When you bet on your characters you are again betting blindly with out logic especially when they are way over and above their primes. xEOL .3. Do n’t bet with Teddy Atlas. Yes I do admire and am inspired by the great guru Teddy Atlas. But it is so obvious that he by design always plunks the heavy under dog who usually has no chance in hell deliberately as if to almost assure that the antonym could happen each time . So translation bet on the opposite of what Atlas forebodes .

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