Money on Monday No. 4 – 26.1.

Money on Monday No.4 Field Trip No.2, Saturday, 26.1. – 7.30 at night – UdK Konzertsaal (it’s also Hardenbergstr. 33)
ATTENTION: Exclusive Event, only with ticket (or loiter on site and try the black market)!
“Vermutlich ist es so, dass mit meinem Leben auch die Welt aufhört”
Reinhold Messner
K2? A joke!
Nanga Parbat? Done! 5 Times.
Mount Everest? I’ll be back before lunch!
Tie your boots, zip up the jackets, and pack a Schmalzbrot – we’re climbing another 8000er:
Our second field trip takes us to another field study in stubborn megalomaniac storytelling and employed entrepreneurialism.
Money on Monday with Reinhold Messner will bring us a man who has invented the very idea of entrepreneurial storytelling. While his forefathers in the mountains were just storytellers, he has seen the potential of narration, desire and heroic testosterone to make it to the top by telling flatlanders about it.
Multinationals admire his style and quite likely Reinhold Messner is the only Extreme-athlete left on earth and beyond who does not need a Red Bull sponsorship to legitimize what he’s doing.
The Grand Dame of alpinism extreme calls and we come.
Let’s learn what the Außendienstler jenseits der Vegetationsgrenze can teach us – Four toes out of ten left, and a hellota breath.
See all of you lucky ones with a ticket on Saturday
Forever Yours,
Money on Monday – Four Peaks in two Ms
Preparation (Watch the stuff, it’s climaxreachin’ good!):
Forefather storyteller Luis Trenker, schooling young Reinhold in suspense

The inevitable Werner Herzog shot a doc about Messner back in ’84 (German Version, english subs to be found somewhere on the web):

Sticker No 4

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