Painting and Cinema: Stefan Hayn, 2nd part

Do show for Stefan Hayns fantastic screening series on Thu Fr, Sat. at Arsenal.!
Painting and Cinema
• screenings: Do, Fr, Sa 24./25./26.1. jeweils um 17h Arsenal cinema on Potsdamer Platz tickets 9E for all three screenings
• Seminar in R 115: Sa 19.1./ Fr.25.1./Sa 26.1. and Fr. 1.2. 12 to 17h Cinema and Painting (I) by Stefan Hayn
– The seminar will be partly in english and in german –
Dates in room 115, HA 133 19., 25., 26. of January and 1. of February, starting at 12:00
Saturday, 19.1.2013, 12:00 -17:00 • Presentation Stefan Hayn and introduction „Cinema and Painting“ • Students’ positions, discussion • The filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer (DVD), also in relation toward Straub-Huillet
Friday, 25.1.2013, 12:00 -16:00 • Discussion of the cinema screening of Dreyer’s GERTRUD on the previous evening • The American postwar positions in painting (especially AbEx and PopArt) in relation to the developments in cinema (texts by de Kooning and others) • The filmmaker Emile De Antonio (his film will be screened afterwards in the Arsenal)
Saturday, 26.1.2013, 12:00 – 16:00 • Discussion of PAINTERS PAINTING (the previous evening in the Arsenal) • What was cinema, what was painting from the sixties up to now? Dreyer, Novelle Vague, Pop-reception in Europe • Preparation of the screening of Markus Nechleba’s MALEREIEN UND GRAVIERUNGEN (PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS) at the Arsenal
Friday, 1.2.2013, 12:00 -17:00 • Discussion of Markus Nechleba’s Film PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS • Cinema – painting – new media? • Where/how does painting exist today? Painting in fictional films and in documentaries? Where/how does cinema exist today? • Discussion/summary and perspectives of a probable continuation of the seminar
Dates in the cinema ARSENAL, Potsdamer Str. 2 24., 25., 26. of January, starting at 17:00 (in time) The cinema screenings are a necessary pre-condition for the seminar! The ARSENAL will offer a reduced „Dreierkarte“ for 9.- €.
• Thursday, 24.1.2013, 17:00 GERTRUD by Carl-Theodor Dreyer (116 min, 35mm, b/w, danish original version with German subtitles, 1964 – VERY RARELY SHOWN!!! • Friday, 25.1.2013, 17:00 PAINTERS PAINTING by Emile de Antonio (117 min, 16mm, b/w, engl. original version, 1973) • Saturday, 26.1.2013, 17:00 MALEREIEN UND GRAVIERUNGEN (PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS) by Markus Nechleba (73 min, DigiBeta, german-french Original versíon with engl. subtitles, 1998) Markus Nechleba will be present for the discussion at the Arsenal.
Cinema and painting (I)
„In Dreyer’s film GERTRUD nobody dies.“ (Wilfried Wiegand) Even in early Straub-Huillet films the uncanny (men) are shot (by women). Maybe Wiegands sentence points out the unsettling point of GERTRUD, but also of some of the late Straub-Huillet films. Whereas the men/women, witchery/inquisition relationships are developped in a more complex way thoughout the two lifeworks. What does all that have to do with painting? Morton Feldman says: „The Abstract Experience cannot be represented. It is, then, not visible in the painting, yet it is there – felt. In the same sense that Kierkegaard said the religious ‚dethrones’ the esthetic, one can say that the Abstract Experience in Gustons paintings dethrones the visible masterpiece before us.“ Analysing GERTRUD, PAINTERS PAINTING (by Emile de Antonio, USA 1972) and MALEREIEN UND GRAVIERUNGEN/PAINTINGS AND ENGRAVINGS (by Markus Nechleba, BRD 1998) we will try to reflect in a wide variety and rather basically on today’s production and reception of pictures. What’s the relation between cinema and painting?

  • many thanks to Graduiertenschule für die Künste und die Wissenschaften and Einstein Stiftung Berlin

(Stefan Hayn)

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