Money on Monday No. 3 – 21.1. = TOMORROW

21.1. – 20.00h – Hardenbergstr. 33 – R115 – UdK (Money/Money/Arts/Money)
Gestatten: Finanzen an Montagen.
Money on Monday had a break. Christ coming down, New Year coming down, Lichtherapiezentrum coming down.
But now – my oh my – the cart is up to full speed again and the next weeks will be packed with action and excitement.
Rollercoaster-Mountain-Top-Super-Booster-Stop number 1/2013:
Founding, funding, running an institution for art and thought at Kotti.
Our guest Dirk Cieslak from the performance collective Lubricat has founded the production platform “Vierte Welt” for art and theory at Zentrum Kreuzberg.
This man has done what we crave to do. On Monday’s meeting he will either praise it as “The best thing ever, dude!” or ask us for psychotherapeutic help. And I think we can decide where we want to go with this…
Go read one of his manifestos (a manifesto? Wow…Let’s ask him what that is all about…) and be prepared.
Oh, and don’t forget to bring along your sticker albums.
As always, lovely peeps, cuddly drinks, übercrass music, and a handful of Schmalzbrote to eat and chat with await you.
“If I were you – I’d come by.”
Johann Strauss
So excited. SO excited.
Read this to prepare. It’s short and it’s fun:
MoM 3

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