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Self Expression Post Internet
14.+15.1 10-17h R115 run by Janus, Martyn with some superfluous input from Hito
The (somewhat farcical) premise: That Abstract Expressionism is a useful correlative to describe the critical understanding of ‘post-internet art’ and its particular aesthetics, and more broadly the critical assumptions surrounding everyday use of the ‘social net’ as ‘self expression’.
This was inspired by a conversation with Czech artist Richard Nikl regarding the tendency of his work – like many others – to overplay its relationship to ‘Tumblr Aesthetics’ or popular internet trends. His response was simply “well, I try not to think about it too much, these are tools available to us today, and I just want to express myself”. But if, as with AbEx, this ‘self-expression’ becomes a generational ‘style’ we can ask about redundancy with so many similar practices. How many AbEx painters does the museum now need?
And as Greenberg’s ‘medium specificity’ has subsequently been critiqued for its failure to implicate the political contingency of art, so too the tools/interfaces online are, obviously not given as such, but contingent and specific.
Clement Greenberg is used as a prism through which to understand mid20thC American art – the reduction to medium, surface, the artist mark; and how this was taken up as a simplified rhetoric of authenticity and presence. Similarly, Seth Price’s ‘Dispersion’ can be used as a seminal text for this generation to understand the medium, surfaces/interfaces of contemporary media as a ground for projecting subjectivity amidst interconnectivity and appropriation.
The workshop is a comparative analysis of Abstract Expressionism and Internet Art, trying to speculatively extrapolate the future trajectory of ‘post internet’ art.
NOTES: — The post-internet artist – and of course the viewer too – are prosumers who act under the terms of web life. — The workshop will be filled with examples of different tropes of art making with or through the internet, etc. We won’t take the different specialized terms as default knowledge.
Too late (pls Till post MoM info on the blog, too):
16.12. – 11.30am – Hüttenweg 46 – PFF Pentecostal Church
Money on Monday No 2, Field Trip No 1
Money on Monday… ON SUNDAY!
What’s that?
Hell, yes! We cherish the day of the Lord and will meet at Protestant Faith Fellowship Church in Dahlem. “Oh, Lord ‘n Savior Jesus Christ, what can we learn from you?!”
Leadership – Community Building – Performance Skills – Mise-en-scène
In our transition from looking at the free market to scrutinizing institutions we’ll go where both ends meet – in the privatized sector of free churches, where a community is capital, the diocese operates like an insurance agency, and the preacher is the shepherd is the boss.
Where (IN-) CORPORATION actually means a whole lot of things
To make this trip infinitely productive we’ll look at the church’s service using Patrice Pavis’ Questionnaire for Performance Analysis (uuh, it’s semiotics and since it seems I can’t attach files on this site you can order the form right here: till.wittwer [AT]
Take a look at the questionnaire beforehand, print a copy and bring it along. Special regards to points no. 1), 6), 7), 8), and 11).
Service Starts at 12.00 a.m. We’ll meet at 11.30 a.m. in front of the church. Bring your best behavior, the questionnaire and a private investigator sense for performance analysis.
How to get there:
Hüttenweg 46
 14195 Berlin
Near U3: Oskar-Helene-Heim
 Bus 285: Am Waldfriedhof
Be good. See you on holy Sunday.

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