Workshop about biennialism; Naomi Hennig, Arnela Mukanovic 16./17.06 & 30.06/01.07.

Hello all,
this is to remind you of signing up for the double-weekend seminar on the phenomenon of BIENNIALS. HERE::::
Most texts we look at will be in english, the rest will be translated back and forth on the fly.
Some buzzwords for the discussion on Taipeh Biennial, Documenta, Manifesta, Venice:
large scale exhibitions as ideological machines, national and ethnic representation, european identity construction, city & area-branding, globalisation, hegemony and counter-hegemony. (sure we will also be able to find some cool aspects, like, gigantic and mega-expensive art, more tourism, etc.)
We will have guests, presenting their research on or experiences from inside the biennial parcour.
(Andre Raatzsch will talk about his exit from the Roma Pavillion in Venice)
The second weekend will be devoted to the discussion on the 7th Berlin Biennial, maybe to wrap up and review what has been going on the last months.
Hope to see you //
Naomi & Arnela
Zustand: Kritisch
Zur Politik der Biennalen
Condition: critical
On the Politics of Biennials
dates: 16./17.06 & 30.06/01.07.  12am – 5pm
first meeting: Saturday, 16th, 12am at room 9 (Asta, ground floor, Hardenbergstrasse 33)

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