1.6 Charles Heller: The Drift, R115, 10h, followed by discussion about F-Stop show. scroll down for details.
2.6 House of World Cultures 16.30h Objectifiction 3D and documentary. Yourselves in poor 3D.
4.6 fantastic edition of Money Monday with Lior Shamriz, Max Linz and Richard Quest in: Disgusted by Pentecost
5.6 12.30h R115 Grundlehre students welcome.
7.6 documenta excursion. lets meet 12h in front of Fridericianum and start drifting.
11.6 junkspace: Former Stasiheadquarter Normannenstr. 10am guided tour of museum organised by Vincent:
as announced  we will visit the former Stasi head quarter (state
intelligence of the GDR) next monday at 10.00.
Meeting point will be 9.45 Subwaystation Magdalenenstr. (U5 Line).
If anyone wants to do a small presentation on Intelligence service and
Art using handbeams
(Think of Trevor Paglen or anything else related to that topic) feel
free to contact me.
19.6 new date for Grundlehre students to apply 12.30h, R115.

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