Thank you!

Repression Megamix, Vincent Grunwald, Mikk Madisson, 2012 single channel video, 2,30min

Thank you everybody for an impressive show and equally impressive turnout at deinstallation. Thank you specifically to Vincent, who undoubtedly did the main job here! Thank you also to everybody who painted, cleaned, carried, drove, stayed up all night and still kept smiling. Thanks also to those who were too tired to keep smiling. In the next few days I will reorganize the webpage with installation shots. Stay tuned too for news about new seminar coming up shortly before term start. This time it´s all relax at Tropical Islands reading Junkspace by Rem Koolhas and sleepily gazing at Paul Klees Angel (yes, the angel of history) blown up all over a tourist hot air balloon. (not joking).  There is a lot to be said about his vertical motion (top-down) as opposed to the lateral movement projected by Benjamin (past-future).  Which catastrophe is it staring at now? Tacos at Exotica-Plaza? Pass the Sangria, please.
More junkspace at documenta, Humboldtbox, Stasiarchives and other cutting edge contemporary non-sites. Get your leotards ready for a pole dance class! May 1st is “Appreciate Affective Labour Day!”
more to come…
with proper captions…
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