Up-coming Roundtables and Seminars and a happy new year 2011 !

The first meeting in 2011 is on the 4th of January at 3pm in room 115.

4.12.2011 _ Seminar about the exhibition project Projet Migration (www.projektmigration.de) with a selection of videos show in the exhibition in 2006 (for example ‘Passagen’ by Lisl Ponger, ‘Sonst wer wie du’ by Jean Faust,’105-7 by Pavel Bralla, ‘Hollow Bones’ by David Blandy) and the presentation of the book.

17.1.2011 Roundtable with a presentation by Flavio
Text by M.Foucault on the utopian body

18.1.2011 Seminar with the artist/filmmaker/writer Brigitta Kuster on her work on migration

24.1.2011 Roundtables with a presentation by Erika

Please check this blog for new updates.

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