RCPP program in October & November 2016

projectpiccrop_3-425 October, 2pm – 5pm
Auto Italia: Shell Corporation*
What are the desired conditions to produce artwork? What is enabled by
working collaboratively that is greater than what we can achieve alone?
Marianne Forrest and Edward Gillman of the London-based artist-run
project and studio Auto Italia South East will lead ‘Auto Italia: Shell
Corporation’, a half-day session presenting research and references
informing Auto Italia’s current programme and studio practice.
Touching on alternative methods for producing and distributing artwork
through collaborative production, the session will consider the
potentials for art and artistic practice enabled through operating under
the guise(s) of Auto Italia. The session will encourage a collective
imagining of what ‘artist-led’ groups might look like and operate as in
the future, touching on histories of group production and seeking
enlightenment from examples found in theories of group work, esoteric
decision-making strategies and role-play.
*A shell corporation is a company which serves as a vehicle for business
transactions without itself having any significant assets or operations.
Writing workshop:
28.10,, 6.2
8 November, 11am – 2pm
PWR: Network Geometry
We will map out convoluted, cryptic network geometries starting from a
number of poetic figures: The Secret Enclave, TrustZone, Fog Computing,
Mist, Ether, Cloud, Urbit Ships, The Great Firewall, Proof-of-Location.
For the second part of the session we propose to look at current
standards for network topology icons (eg. cisco) and together sketch out
additions – other roles and constellatons that are not taken into account.
Ways of being
The workshop will start with a presentation by Cécile B. Evans, which will be related to a 3 year period encompassing her projects AGNES, Hyperlinks or it Didn’t Happen, and What the Heart Wants. Yuri Pattison will talk about his 2-3 year residency with Chisenhale in London, which revolved  around the life/work construct in relation to new technological and ideological formations and the possibility of alternative ways of being.
More info tba end of October.
A report from Beijing
Antonie Angerer and Anna Eschbach, founders and curators of I: project space in Beijing, will present
 their AR based book by publishing platform tria. The catalog “lin_ke” features video works by the artist Lin Ke. In close collaboration with designer Sonja Zagermann and the artist, the editors explored new possibilities for translating moving images into printed matter. The result is a book that can be constantly updated.
Besides presenting the interactive publication, Antonie and Anna will
 contextualize their experiment on closing the gap between the digital and the analog by taking us on a tour through the
 extended virtualities of the Chinternet (the Internet with Chinese characteristics).

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