ON OFF SHORE – CFP show at Museum für Fotografie

On the migration of people, intelligence, capital, and data
Curated by Paul Feigelfeld
Call for Applications
SEEN BY Exhibition at Museum für Fotografie
Opening September 29, 2016

The exhibition attempts to explore the connections and disconnections of intricately networked and fuzzily entangled currents and layers of migration. From the international streams of refugees fleeing war and displacement, migrant workers in China, Africa, or the former East Bloc, and the way they are politically and technologically tracked, regulated, guided by critical infrastructures, to long-standing financial and political structures which have since created their own economic shadow ecologies and infrastructures in the form of off-shore banks and deep bureaucracy; the art market as a land-locked off-shore economy, the migration of trading towards algorithmic regulation and management; the technological migration to platform oriented solutions and the major shift from search and filter algorithms to machine and deep learning and neural networks; the non-singularity of the existence of artificial intelligence beyond human understanding. The works in the exhibition can be in any medium and should attempt to open possible perspectives on these topics.

Please apply before June 17 with a short concept (including text, images, mock-ups, etc.), artist statement and CV to

Paul Feigelfeld
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