Lensbased Class of Hito Steyerl +Guests sincerely invites Saturday 21st of November 6pm @ Re:Re.Re:Fwd: Leipzigerstrasse 63, 10117 Berlin
There is a certain quality, vibe and energy that is so go, so pam! From the independent freelancer to the emancipated pre-income workforce crowd, working anywhere and anytime.
Where else can you focus and let loose your creative side while still being a part of helping the local economy?!
And now a chance to own a piece of that exciting environment.
Introducing The Offices: A 350 square meter space, that puts you right at the heart of it all. After a night out, partying and socializing, you just take a few steps and you are back at work. With modern styled units, sleek and oh so Re:Re:Re:Fwd:.
For the less privileged few, the most flexible and mobile working units here, introducing The Plastic Bags at The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:.
Our finely appointed The Private Desks all feature state of the art office chairs and designer electronic outlets.
A place to laugh, a place to gather, a place to mingle with people of all economic backgrounds – The Roundtable at The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:.
Now you can have access to luxury refined cold brew coffee and brussels sprouts while still just steps away from the action – The Canteen at The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:
Forget what you knew about open offices.
Welcome to The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:

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