INCORPORATE! CMD SPA + lectures + works + bar R115 tonight from July 17th 7pm throughout weekend

rgb nails – massages – 3d work out elements – skinny bitch/fat sucker – house plants – protein bars – liquid energy – chi boosters – polygonize your abs! – feel your e-motions – lets work it out  – drag and drop – push and pull – scale your body.3ds
wireless orgone for free
lectures by: Josh Crowe, Till Wittwer, Kristof Trakal, Bruno Siegrist at 7pm sharp universal quantum time then fade into leisure and terrific well being with musical acts and color boosted substances – external and internal application – vigorously augmented realities –  first come first spa – plug in your pecs – whip your mesh layers into shape – lube your means of reproduction – incorporate and get tax breaks
become an in-corporate entity.
Delicious cakes and Protone Bars, accelerationist bullshit rehydration
make liposuction worth every cent!
Terrific works evenly distributed across UdK compound. Seek and enjoy!

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