Straub/Huillet at Kino Arsenal with Stefan Hayn

On Monday the 19th of november at 19.00 will be the first screening of Stefan Hayns seminar at Kino Arsenal. “Moses und Aron” by Straub/Huillet and a shortfilm by Vlado Kristl will be shown with a short introduction by Stefan Hayn.

contains the best filmic miracle ever!
Please flock in!
Also highly recommended:

Forum on the Genealogy of Media Thinking


Prof. Dr. Thomas Elsaesser Berlin / London / Amsterdam
Film and media critic, historian and theorist, co-founder of the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis (ASCA)
Always 6–8 pm
Medienhaus / UdK Berlin
Grunewaldstraße 2–5
10823 Berlin-Schöneberg
U7 Kleistpark
free, public, attend!

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