F-Stop: congratulations!

works by Chih Ying, Bruno Siegrist, Julia Mensch, Paida Larsen, Boaz Levin. all photos Chih Ying

Congratulations everybody to a fantastic and inspiring show in Leipzig.
It came out very well, specifically the new works made for the exhibition. Apart from the show itself I was impressed by the spirit of cooperation, teamwork and harmony prevailing in the preparation for the show.

Sweat painting, Giorgi Gago Gagoshidze

This is due in large parts to the fantastic support by curators, who put up a really impressive range of shows and gave us unusually good conditions. But main credit goes to Leon, who organized the event, got the class invited and, apart from editing his own beautiful piece for the show carried and drove the equipment as well as setting and curating the overall framework. Thanks! Thanks also to everyone who installed electricity, painted cables, schlepped vitrines and flat screens, bought tickets and breakfast and played Star Wars with Esme. Pls also everybody send more pictures, installation shots especially of Leons exhibit and of Chih Ying who took everybody elses pictures.! the post is still in progress: I need more pictures to fully represent the show, so send them on…

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