if it wouldnt be for monday screening i wouldnt show up in school anymore.  all the kids were laughing about me – – – but now that im part of the warmwinter team theyre looking up to me – and marvel my vast knowledge about nulcear war.
i opened up a lot, gained self confiendce from the pleasure of seeing the others tremble from my symptom descriptions of radioation sickness.

HIROSHIMA. A momentum, history brought to a grain of sand that bears the name of oppenheimer. The japanese seem to be far less obsessed with the bomb than a german mind can tolerate – so are the americans. They did what had to be done to end the war and show some yank muscle (what eventually would become the muscle of hulk). Time for a german description of the unspeakable to draw some lines of guilt.
HIROSHIMA. After the surrender of the japanese emperor and charlie chaplin fan hirohito. American scientists flew into hiroshima to evaluate their bomb experiment. Drawing chalk lines around exposed shadows of evaporated persons in the epicentre, analyzing injured and effected people rather than treating them. The a-bomb was a designed weapon, born out of the golden age of science, the device that ended it.
HIROSHIMA. Explosion-affected-people. Hibakusha. The name for a-bomb survivors in japan. They are victimized photograph-persons for peace-education in japan highly  controled by interest groups. After the war the a-bomb was the thick matter of japanese propaganda of an innocent country that became victim of a western imperial-interest war. Their stories are subject of the narrative pool that was translated to film about the events.
monday screening is not just a place for laughter and campability!
Monday screening: a warm place on a lonley monday.
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