3D scan, Tu Nov 22nd. 14h R115

looking for volunteers to participate in 3D scan work.You ll learn how 3D scan technology works and how to use it. i d be extremely grateful for your participation, also.
We ll restage an event from the Bosnian war and 3D scan it to be printed as an abstract sculpture cum video later on. It is about a black man who went missing when kidnapped with 19 others by armed men at Strpci station in 1993. None was ever seen alive again. In contrast to the other 19, name and identity of the black person remain unknown to this day. As he was led away the leader of the paramilitary unit turned around, tapped him on the shoulder, said: here is my brother and kissed him. The work is about this kiss. It is about missing bodies, wrecked images and their bodies.

The Kiss, failed image

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