Monday screenings: ILLUMINACJA R:Krzysztof Zanussi,POLAND 1973; 20h R115

“Illuminacja” as a mature example of early period of the director Krzysztof Zanussi whose works doesn’t fit in the movements of Polish cinema creates an incisive examination of the essence of knowledge.      Through this we see a scientific approach to an abstract concept as Zanussi himself was also a physicists. The documentary feeling enhanced by merging the records of real-life interviews statistical and visual data (some visuals of medical practises effecting the mind etc.) within the story of a brilliant young physics student’s personal struggle between reason and emotions to reflect a universal knowledge of human existence.      The whole movie itself though carrying the rational/scientific roots does not present a hypothesis. It depicts a question, fills up the inputs of an equation as its sole reason and finishes as the depiction completes.   kutlu  [1]  [2]

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