Monday screenings: SOUTHLAND TALES, 9.5. 20h R115

R:Richard Kelly,Samuel Goldwyn , USA 2006
after Donnie Darko it seems Richard Kelly was free to do whatever he wanted. and he decided to go to the end of the world – again and a very american one aswell. there he lost himself with the wheel of madnass and cynicism.
how very surprised he was when the cannes film festival accepted his application and even put the film into the 2006 competition.
this is the last of california films to be shown at monday screenings. kellys l.a. saga released in 3 graphic novels and a feature film (consisting of 3 parts) tells the story of boxer santaros (dwayne ‘the rock’ johnson) loss of memory and entanglement in a neomarxist underground organization uprising while the californian government after peakoil and 2 atomic catastrophies engages a german scientist to built a huge power plant close to the shore of l.a. generating power out of ocean current — and with this distracting the rotation rate of the planet.
one of jeff goldblums favorite popfilms with a wonderful soundtrack and an amazing crew: sarah michelle gellar, justin timberlake, sean william scott.
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