April 25th: Riffs

April 25th: Riffs

Logos of bus lines from Tangier to Spain relate coded messages about the availability of hiding places for stowaway passengers

this weeks class meeting will take place on Monday to go see Yto Barradas show. Its  free on Mondays and it will definitely be open – I called again.  Also see this petition on Guggenheims building practices in Abu Dhabi. This is a great text by T.J. Demos. on the Life Full of Holes project. T.J. will come round to give a lecture later in May. Also for those who are interested in jewelery and specifically Gemstone 7: here is the report of the US senate which details the DB´s role in bringing about the financial crisis and provides fascinating insights into contemporary arts political economy.
2.00 p.m, Unter den Linden 13/15.

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