I will show the installation in the UDK, room 115, tomorrow at 11 – in a preview for the Forum Expanded 2010 – with three projectors.

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is an audiovisual research project by Angela Melitopoulos an Maurizio Lazzarato about philosopher and psychiatrist Félix Guattari an his revolutionary psychiatric practice, his political activism as well as his ideas concerning ecosophy and his interest in animism especially in the Brazilian an Japanese context.

It is shown in the exhibition Animism (22 jan 2010 – 02 may 2010) curated by Anselm Franke for Extra City and the M HKA (Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst) in Antwerp http://www.muhka.be/) as a first outcome of the research in the form of a video installation.

In Guattari’s work and in the same manner as in animist societies, subjectivity loses the transcendent and transcendental status that characterizes the Western paradigm. Guattari’s thought and that of animist societies can find common ground in this understanding of subjectivity. Aspects of polysemic, transindividual, and animist subjectivity also characterize the world of childhood, of psychosis, of amorous or political passion, and of artistic creation.

The installation presents excerpts from documentaries, essay-films, radio interviews, conversations with friends and colleagues of Félix Guattari, and material on the clinic La Borde in France and institutional psychotherapy including films by Fernand Deligny, Renaud Victor, François Pain an others, as well as new material produced in Brazil in the course of the research on this project.

Presented as a triptych of differently sized screens, the installation refers to ideas of movement and gravity eminent in the cartographies of animistic art as well as to concepts of the immaterial in asiatic art. Each screen intensifies a modality of the senses: seeing, hearing, reading. The montage of the archival material is conceived as a mirror to Guattari’s concept of an ‘assemblage’, which is also a main topic throughout the installation.

With the participation of

Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, anthropologist, Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro

Éric Alliez, philosopher, Paris

Jean Claude Polack, psychiatrist, psycho-analyste, Paris

Barbara Glowczewski, anthropologist, Paris

Peter Pál Pelbart , professor of philosophy , Sao Paolo

Janja Rosangela Araujo, master of Capoeira Angola, professor , Salvador de Bahia

Jean Jacques Lebel, artist, Paris


Tetsuo Kogawa, Suely Rolnik, François Pain, Institut Auiovisuel Parism ISKRA Paris and others


22 jan 2010 – 02 may 2010

A collaboration between Extra City and M HKA

Animism is a long-term exhibition and publication project first presented between 22 January and 2 May 2010 in Antwerp in a collaboration of Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen and the Museum of Contemporary Art (M HKA). A second version of the exhibition will be shown at Kunsthalle Bern from May till July 2010. Subsequent versions will be developed at the Generali Foundation in Vienna and the House of World Cultures in Berlin in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

The project approaches the concept of animism – coined by 19th century anthropologists in the context of the colonial encounter – from a contemporary perspective. It addresses the current increase in interest in animism, which stems from a widespread re-visioning of modernity, by a reflection on aesthetic processes seen through the prism of an exhibition.


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