Aesthetics of Resistance
On Oct. 13th Ashkan will introduce a very interesting project.
On Nov 17th Sergio will show some material about the Istanbul biennial and we´ll watch a key work of the show (Partisan Songspiel; Chto Delat 2009). A more general debate about Brechtian aesthetics will be contextualised by some excerpts of
“Aesthetics of resistance”, incl. a screening of Farockis interview with Peter Weiss, unfortunately no subtitles available, original German version.
We´ll also watch some short films by Weiss himself, details tba.
Thank you to Harun for always generously making his work available.

Zur Ansicht: Peter Weiss
director, scriptwriter: Harun
Farocki cinematographer: Gerd
Braun editor: Rosa Mercedes
(Harun Farocki) sound: Lasse
Sjäström production: Harun Farocki
Filmproduction, Berlin-West length:
44 min. format: 16 mm, col.,
1:1,37 first broadcast: 19.10.1979,
West 3 first screening: Februar
1980, Berlin-West, Internationales
Forum des Jungen Films

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