dear class,

for everybody who doesnt already know, i’m also at the university during the semester break, like usual wednesday and thursday, but from now on at slightly different times 12.30-16.30h. should i not be able to be there at some specific date, i’ll write an email and put a note up on the blog. this thursday, march 5th, i’ll have to leave early, so if you’d like to discuss something, please come by before 15.30h.

i would also like to ask everybody to clean up their old computer data on the scratch disks and student accounts until march 24th. all the data that is older then one year will be deleted after that to make room for new projects. the files on your personal account on the server will not be affected, you can keep them there as long as you want, but i recommend making a backup of all important files once every few months anyway!

also i’m going to clean out the small room next to 98b (the one with the emergency exit). it’s mostly painting stuff and old darkroom gear, so please secure what you still need until march 24th as well, everything which is still there by then will need to be thrown away.

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