Workshop: comparison of digital and analog images

update: the last workshop before christmas will be about printing on the 11.12. at that date we’ll also discuss the topic for the beginning of next year. the first workshop in the new year will be on the 08.01.09.

the topics shifted a bit because we had a look at darkroom basics last week. for the updated schedule see below.

the plan for this semester is to combine some theoretical background information with a lot of practical examples.

i’d like to start with the topic of analog and digital media and their differences (with focus on photography, but most of it applies to film/video as well). below the planned schedule, if we need more time on a certain area that might change a bit.
the workshop is usually at thursdays from 14-17h in room 98.
exceptions and changes will be always reflected on the blog.

introduction and theoretical background:
how film works, how digital sensors work
strenghts and weaknesses
ideological aspects and working methods

hands-on analog and digital cameras:
snapshot, rangefinders, SLR, medium format, etc
how they influence aesthetics, quality and working methods.
feel welcome to bring your own cameras too.

analog media and experiments:
slide film, negative film, b/w..
processing methods and experiments


digital media
raw, jpeg, tiff…
technical aspects and workflows

introduction and hands-on with different scanners
scanning for archiving, prints and video.
pixels vs ppi vs dpi

digital image manipulations using photoshop
some basics and some wild things to try

pixels vs ppi vs dpi (yes again, because it’s rather important)
basic color management
introduction and hands-on to printing.

after christmas, we could either continue with some in-depth photoshop tricks or a closer look at moving images, like the preparation of film projects, some discussions about HD vs PAL and experiments to change the appearance of digital video, depending on the preference of the people joining the workshop.

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