Summer term 2016

All the class meetings and seminars will take place:
at UDK Berlin / Hardenbergstraße 33 / Room 115

12 – Tuesday 14:00 – class meeting / Business plan pitch/ karaoke 
19 – Tuesday 14:00 –seminar by Ana Teixeira Pinto / Moved to Thursday 21.04 2pm
26 – Tuesday 14:00 – class meeting

10 Tuesday 14:00 – class meeting
17 Tuesday 14:00 – seminar by Ana Teixeira Pinto Moved to Wednesday 25.05
24 Tuesday 14:00 – class meeting

Tuesday – class meeting
14 Tuesday 14:00 – seminar by Ana Teixeira Pinto moved to 8th of July
21 Tuesday14:00 – class meeting

4. Monday 14:00 – seminar by  Ana Teixeira Pinto moved to 7th of July
5 Tuesday 14:00 – class meeting
7   – 14:00 – seminar by Ana Teixeira Pinto
8  – 14:00 – seminar by Ana Teixeira Pinto

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This is the about section of this blog and describes the class agenda.
I think that people are not reading it, so I am posting it front page. This is to actively deter overly opportunistic people from attending this class. We larp Florian INC (see below). We are not Florian INC. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE THIS CLASS IS RENAMED LANDSCAPE CLASS. IF THINGS DO NOT IMPROVE WE´LL ESCALATE TO PORTRAIT CLASS NEXT TERM AND DRAW NUDE FACES IN CHALK FOR 6 MONTHS.
Lensbased Agenda:
– the class is committed to discussing the material, political, social implications of  form. Form is understood as organisation.
– Lensbased is not actually lensbased.
– the class is based at the University of Arts Berlin, but understands itself as an open format.
– We are not interested in genius, obscurantism, and aesthetic, ethical and intellectual complacency. It is considered extremely uncool to try to enroll colleagues as interns for your own projects. We will politely yawn if you want any advice how to make average, hip or worst of all post-internet art. If you want career advice there are plenty of other opportunities at UdK. If you try to hide the failures of your work by invoking the anthropocene, chances are you understand neither. Please stay away, you are wasting your time and our patience. We will however sometimes tolerate vanity art, occasional spamming, risky pretexts and bad hair days.

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Workshop with Tirdad Zolghadr


06.01/10:00 to 17:00
07.01/10:00 to 14:00

UdK Berlin / Room 115

Hardenbergstr. 33 / 10623 Berlin

Short description. 
For this session, Zolghadr will use the leitmotif of “Tehran” to offer a somewhat self-critical overview of his practice as curator & fiction writer. On the one hand, this will offer an opportunity to broach the topic of Tehran-as-city. While on the other hand, it will allow us to revisit the primary mode of access that we are employing to do broach that very city, namely, the institution of contemporary art internationally speaking. Importantly, the seminar will also contrast more recent curatorial premises with positions that were key to Zolghadr’s practice over a decade ago. Materials will include publications by the SHAHRZAD collective, the exhibition project “Ethnic Marketing” (Kunsthalle Geneva 2004 / various Tehran venues 2006), as well as two documentary films: Tehran 1380 (with Solmaz Shahbazi, 2001, 45 min) and Tropical Modernism (with Golmohamad Rahati, 2005, 25 min).

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Monopolium weighing in on FL.INK!


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Next larp: Googleheim Telavi merges with Florian INC.

Florian Reincarnated: Towards an art Post-Internship.
Following his epoch-defining show at KOW Berlin that sent his stock soaring and paved the way for his subsequent flotation on the NASDAQ, Florian Incorporated underwent a corporate re-structuring, merging with the Googleheim to form a new multinational conglomerate, strategically re-branded as the Florian Corporation. In a characteristically audacious move, The Florian Corporation has announced that he is taking the brave and selfless decision to follow in the footsteps of philanthropic visionaries such as Bono, Zuckerberg and Gates, in pledging to donate 99% of his Googleheim stock, worth an estimated $99bn, to the formation of Florian LLC, a new Limited Liability Company with charitable aims. Florian LLC will invest in ideas that promote and uphold the values of the Florian Corporation, to advance human creative potential and promote equality, so that a little bit of Florian can be incorporated into the next generation.
The first charitable act of Florian LLC is to grant six artists an unprecedented opportunity to participate in an unpaid internship at the Florian Institute, an arts-focused subsidiary of the Florian Corporation, on a mission to educate and engage the community at large with the Florian Method. A core objective of the Florian Institute is to disrupt traditional labour paradigms by promoting the concept of ephemeral wages, with a commitment to the radical dematerialization of compensation. Only by fully submitting to the Florian Method can artists gain access to a patented strategy that grants them the liberty to waive creative control over their carnal expression.
Under the auspices of UP Gallery Berlin, six artists emerge for the first time from the Florian Institute’s incubation hub. Those artists who fulfil their creative potential by demonstrating their market viability, will be considered to have successfully completed the Florian Method, such artists will themselves be immediately incorporated, joining the Florian family and becoming wholly owned subsidiaries of their loving parent company – the publically traded Florian Corporation. Failure to complete the Florian Method will be considered a breach of contract, such artists will no longer qualify for incorporation, and will duly be asset-stripped, liquidated and left in the care of the state.
Florian LLC (the financial vehicle formerly known as Florian Incorporated) is represented by Gagosian Gallery Los Angeles, White Cube Hong Kong and UP gallery Berlin.

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rcpp Workshop Marathon! Winter 2015/16

New Media is wonderfully creepy
Lecture and workshop with
Wendy Chun, (Brown University).
9th December, 10am-2pm
Hörsaal and Raum 115
New media technologies provoke both anxiety and hope: anxiety over surveillance and hope for empowerment. Wendy Hui Kyong Chun reveals that these two reactions complement rather than oppose each other by emphasizing how exposure is necessary in order for networks to work. New media is–at its best–wonderfully creepy.
Proxy Wars and Proxy Politics
Lecture and workshop with   Oleksiy Radynski, filmmaker and writer (Kiev).
11th + 12th January,
Raum 115
In 2003, Harun Farocki concluded his documentary War at a Distance by
stating that current wars are no longer fought between the equals: rather, they are outsourced and exported to the already degraded, downbeat and devastated parts of the globe. In post-2008 era this formula needs to be revised, as zones of total impoverishment, permanent crisis and collapse of state sovereignties sprout into areas formerly  known as ‘First’ and ‘Second’ worlds. While Russia is deeply entangled into the undeclared war in Ukraine, planting the post-sovereign militarized para-states in the East of Europe, France is declaring a war on an ephemeral and elusive entity that is Islamic State. It seems that the central figure of today’s warfare is a proxy gone rogue. Is the proxy war merely a continuation of proxy politics by other means? This seminar will trace the emergence of ‘proxy’ subjectivity through the reading of texts by Nick Dyer-Witheford (Cyber-Proletariat, 2015) and Giorgio Agamben (Stasis, 2015), as well as a number of visual artefacts. On a second day of the seminar, three films by Oleksiy Radynski made between 2013 and 2015 will be screened and discussed.
Oleksiy Radynski is a documentary filmmaker and writer based in Kyiv. He
is a participant of Visual Culture Research Center, an initiative for art, knowledge and politics founded in Kyiv in 2008.
Computing In-Formation: Data and its base

Workshop with Franics Hunger, artist (Leipzig)
18th + 19th January
Raum 115
This workshop aims to establish a notion of computing history that is oriented towards database software. During the first day we look into diverse practices of database usage, its historical and social origins.
Knowledge production by way of the library, the collection, the processing of mathematical equations in the age of human computing and bio-political practices such as statistics, data collection, resource management and insurance business have informed database technologies.
Lately, notions like big data or large scale search engines were added to this set of practices. During the second day the discussion focuses on tables and relations that form and put in form the base of data. And we go for a database dérive, which means we go outside to observe databases in their natural habitat to sense the infrastructural dimension of database usage today.
Francis Hunger (*1976, Dessau) lives and works in Leipzig. In his practice he combines artistic research with the capabilities of narration through installations, radio plays and performances. His media-archeological works realize a critical examination of the history of technology as ideologically charged knowledge and power constellations.

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EVERYthing you EVER need to know by FLORIAN INC.

FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_01FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_02FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_03FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_05FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_06FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_07FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_08FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_09FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_10FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_11FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_12FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_13FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_14FlorianINC_A Short PDF Guide To Post-Internship Art_Page_15

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Artforum Brandenburg going strong again!

Long Live the Post-Internship. A Document of Total Incorporation_Page_1Long Live the Post-Internship. A Document of Total Incorporation_Page_2Long Live the Post-Internship. A Document of Total Incorporation_Page_3

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Lensbased Class of Hito Steyerl +Guests sincerely invites Saturday 21st of November 6pm @ Re:Re.Re:Fwd: Leipzigerstrasse 63, 10117 Berlin
There is a certain quality, vibe and energy that is so go, so pam! From the independent freelancer to the emancipated pre-income workforce crowd, working anywhere and anytime.
Where else can you focus and let loose your creative side while still being a part of helping the local economy?!
And now a chance to own a piece of that exciting environment.
Introducing The Offices: A 350 square meter space, that puts you right at the heart of it all. After a night out, partying and socializing, you just take a few steps and you are back at work. With modern styled units, sleek and oh so Re:Re:Re:Fwd:.
For the less privileged few, the most flexible and mobile working units here, introducing The Plastic Bags at The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:.
Our finely appointed The Private Desks all feature state of the art office chairs and designer electronic outlets.
A place to laugh, a place to gather, a place to mingle with people of all economic backgrounds – The Roundtable at The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:.
Now you can have access to luxury refined cold brew coffee and brussels sprouts while still just steps away from the action – The Canteen at The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:
Forget what you knew about open offices.
Welcome to The Offices at Re:Re:Re:Fwd:

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exponential anything

26.11.2015 – 10.01.2016
Museum für Fotografie helmut newton
In IBM’s brochure The Information Machine, published around 1979, the following is written about the computer: ‘Intelligent machines have once again been removed from the sphere of the uncanny. Today’s robot – the computer – is now just a “machine”‘. Is this development undergoing yet another reversal today? Are the ‘intelligent machines’ we know as A.I. and robots again being assigned uncanny properties?’ Classic robot stories include the one in which humans create a monster that is out of control, a story that bears particular interest in its connection to Google,today’s monster, one we constantly supply with new information. The ‘solutionism’ of Silicone Valley – the conviction that any urgent question can be answered by technology – ensures that there will always be a need for new technology. With the new Internet protocol IPv6, each user can theoretically access 1023 IP addresses. More users, more computers – more raw materials, more electronic waste. While self-tracking is touted as an instrument for self-control and our bodies and minds are recorded with biometric data, the power structures behind all of this have become less discernible – the Internet is virtually invisible. With the intention of demystifying digital technologies and their visual worlds, the exhibition features an ambivalent type of digital image – the virtual images that directly precede or follow them. The works contend with the complexity of virtual networks: They play with the borders of algorithmic processes, question the production of 3D visualisations, or distance themselves from it, searching instead for an emancipatory path on the material level.
Alex Chalmers/Bob van der Wal, Alice Dalgalarrondo, Petja Ivanova, BMC, Pauline Niedermayer, Harry Sanderson, Maximilian Schmoetzer, Andres Villarreal, Dan Ward
Curated by:
Vera Tollmann

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