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Coding Storytelling transmedia / i-docs /
multi-platform storytelling
short list
Documentaries in web / app Journey To The End Of Coal Your journey begins in Datong which is located just a couple hours away West from Beijing. You travel from there all around the region and visit its major coal mines, from the “best” state-owned complex to the worst private coal plants. Rapporteur de crise : le parlement européen face à la crise with tools to navigate the film material Geld A way to navigate in the Greek and Eu crises, narration based on interactive random choices and curiosity. Prisonvalley exploration with some interaction in the story on your computer and Ipad : In Prisonvalley you explore a town in the middle of nowhere with 36,000 souls and 13 prisons, one of which is Supermax, the new ‘Alcatraz’ of America. A prison town where even those living on the outside live on the inside. A journey into what the future might hold. Si viellie m’etait conté (if old age was told me) In an interactive documentary, seven people -doctors, researchers and old people – give their vision on oldness A little story making machine to meet those who make France’s oldest radio game show and those who listen to it. ARTE web documentary channel: Some interactive documentaries, falls into the category of interactive – locative documentary, the narrative model is based mainly on the dimension of space exploration. FortMcmoney: The web film FortMcMoney is currently running his 4th part. Interaction and playability in a web documentary gaming platform. Alma Alma is a documentary that offers a way to listen to a story, interacting with the environment, opening windows and seeing the places mentioned by the protagonist. Still a way to ‘navigate’ or to browse the material of the interview. Addicts a social thriller. Big budget example of collaborative and crowdsourcing work to write a fictional story and to make it interactive and in real time. Exploration in web pages Lascaux caves Games The Hole Story ( Cross-media, Game, Interactive, Locative) “We brought the documentary The Hole Story to the Web because we wanted to introduce the complex world of mining to a new, younger audience. The easiest way to do this was to let them get their hands dirty.” -The Hole Story Team The cat and the coup The Cat and the Coup is a free documentary game in which you play the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. It plays like a simple physics puzzle game, it looks like a storybook with artwork inspired by Persian miniatures, it features music by Nine Inch Nails, and if you give it just 15-minutes of your time, it’ll teach you the story of a really fascinating period of American and British history involving communist paranoia and a CIA-funded coup d’état. Gone Home a story exploration videogame. Could be the model to reconsider web narration and web documentary storytelling Interactive comics: Crowd Sourcing (participatory) 18 days in Egypt (Crowdsourced, Participatory) “The idea behind 18 Days in Egypt is to really re-envision the documentary of the future and to get the audience closer to the storytellers. In our case, the storytellers are the people that actually lived these experiences.” Jigar Mehta, co-creator, 18 Days in Egypt from PBS POV Blog Interactive video music video (cris milk ) the arcade fire neon bubble beck project (immersive experience) Partecipatory video music 1370 frame Exploration platforms on soundmapping AUDIO and sound mapping sound exploration in past DDR audio archives (true material and re-enactment) rimini protokol sound exploration on a map platform of Munchen, regarding stories from Nazist period (actors) memoryloops!/87/ sound immersive app. From the Batman motion picture, a mobile app that transform your enviromental sound in special sound effects related to the film atmosphere. SOFTWARE the French school on An interesting program that enable to structure the interactive storytelling. Mostly based on Typography and buttons The American School Intuitive, free and with online free hosting The German School free opensource program, authoring with different possibilities. Interaction based on random choice and immages rather than text buttons.

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