Cinema and Painting II; Stefan Hayn, seminar

and another fantastic seminar!
Cinema and Painting II
Seminar by Stefan Hayn
Thursday, 23. 5. and Saturday 25.5. 13:00 – 16:00
at Hardenbergstr. 133, room 115 (classroom of Prof. Hito Steyerl)
and 5 screenings (with guests) in Kino Arsenal. Potsdamer Str. 2, 10785 Berlin
23.-25.5./ 29. & 31.5. at 17:00
The Arsenal offers a seminar ticket for the 5 screenings for 17,50 €
23.5. Do            17.00
DREI VON VIELEN © J.Böttcher-PROGRESS Film-Verleih
Drei von vielen   Jürgen Böttcher   DDR 1961                                                   DVD | OF | 33 min
Verwandlungen III: Frau am Klavichord   Jürgen Böttcher   DDR 1981            35mm | OF | 17 min
Kurzer Besuch bei Herrmann Glöckner   Jürgen Böttcher   DDR 1985            35mm | OF | 32 min
Discussion with filmmaker and painter Jürgen Böttcher/Strawalde (*1931)
24.5. Fr            17.00
Queen Kelly   Erich von Stroheim   USA 1928                                                   35 mm | OmE | 101 min
25.5. Sa            17.00
Tod und Teufel   Peter Nestler   D 2009                                                             Blu-ray | OF | 55 min
Heidelberg   Norman Richter   D 2008                                                            35mm | OF | 35 min
Discussion with filmmaker Norman Richter (*1979)
29 Mi            17.00
Mein Leben Teil 2   Angelika Levi   D 2003                                                 35mm | OmE | 93 min
31 Fr            17.00
La Madre   Jean-Marie Straub   CH 2012                                                 DCP | OmU | 20 min
LA MADRE ©STRAUB-HUILLET-BELVA Film GmbHUne Visite au Louvre   Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub   F 2004            35mm | OmU | 47 min
What is the point of this confrontation? To see relations in the most varied ways. And to look at the collisions that undermine the culturally pessimistic discourses on the “the end of painting“ and “the death of cinema“. The point is not to make pretentious references to painting as the guarantor of the cinema’s status as an art form. Nor, from the opposite perspective, is it to give credence to the trend of “capitalist realism,” which, out of fear of losing a connection to the here and now, endlessly reworks the surfaces of technical visual media.
The filmmaker Jürgen Böttcher paints under the pseudonym of Strawalde in order to separate his films DREI VON VIELEN (DDR 1961), FRAU AM KLAVICHORD (DDR 1981), KURZER BESUCH BEI HERRMANN GLÖCKNER (DDR 1985) from the burden of art history. In TOD UND TEUFEL (D 2009), Peter Nestler tells about the problematic ethnographic research carried out by his Nazi-sympathising grandfather in the former colony of „German East Africa“, which might serve as a kind of second epilogue to Erich von Stroheim’s QUEEN KELLY (USA 1928). From a very different perspective, Norman Richter also refers to his grandparents’ generation in his film HEIDELBERG (D 2008), while Angelika Levi is caught in the more direct Oedipal family constellations in MEIN LEBEN TEIL 2 (D 2003). In UNE VISITE AU LOUVRE (F 2004), the filmmaking couple Straub-Huillet have Cézanne speak in the voice of a woman, while the new short film LA MADRE (CH 2012) might suggest that this narrative choice is not merely a question of „Verfremdung“. (Stefan Hayn, Übersetzung: Deborah Cohen, Genoël von Lilienstern, Pauline von Wächter)

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