b/w films: "Zerkalo"

hello everybody and happy new year!
as mentioned, there won’t be any film screening on wed 2nd, so the next date will be:
wednesday january 9th 2013, 18.00, room 115 (or 143 if 115 is unavailable)
we’ll watch “Zerkalo” (“The Mirror”, USSR 1975, 108min) by Andrei Tarkovsky (and probably a short excerpt of “Ivans Childhood”, his first feature film) – despite (or rather because) the fact that the film is partly in color 😉
i’d also like to talk a bit about his book “Sculpting in Time” that i mentioned, it has been an incredible source of inspiration and courage to me over the years. I can strongly recommend a paper copy because it is great to to take along and flip through the pages again and again, but if you’re tight on money, or want to check it out first, there’s also a pdf floating around on the web, for example: http://ftf.vsmu.sk/files/Andrey_Tarkovsky_Sculpting_in_Time__2nd_edition_1987.pdf
here what he writes about Zerkalo:
“I had the greatest difficulty in explaining to people that there is no hidden, coded meaning in the film, nothing beyond the desire to tell the truth. Often my assurances provoked incredulity and even disappointment. Some people evidently wanted more: they needed arcane symbols, secret meanings. They were not accustomed to the poetics of the film image. And I was disappointed in turn. Such was the reaction from the opposition party in the audience; as for my own colleagues, they launched a bitter attack on me, accusing me of immodesty, of wanting to make a film about myself.
“In the end we were saved by one thing only – faith: the belief that since our work was so important to us it could not but become equally important to the audience. The film aimed at reconstructing the lives of people whom I loved dearly and knew well. I wanted to tell the story of the pain suffered by one man because he feels he cannot repay his family for all they have given him. He feels he hasn’t loved them enough, and this idea torments him and will not let him be….
“Mirror was not an attempt to talk about myself, not at all. It was about my feelings towards people dear to me; about my relationship with them; my perpetual pity for them and my own inadequacy – my feeling of duty left unfulfilled.”

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