summer infos

dear class,

the semester is about to end, so before everybody leaves for sunny beaches here a few infos:

– i’ll be at the university during the semester break as well, as usual wednesday and thursday, 12-16h. if i can’t be there for some reason, i’ll write an email on the class list and post it on the blog.

– i would like to ask everybody to keep a bit more order in room 98. i know that there is no single person responsible for that, but at the moment it looks like a real mess. it’s understandable if people dont have time before an examn or the rundgang, but please take some minutes a few days after every thing is over and clean up your stuff. so next time you’re there, look around for a minute and clean up your (or even other peoples) garbage.

– the same thing applies for the organization of the computer data. we’re just too many people to keep everything on the hard disks for years and years, so please move everything that is older then 6months off the scratch disks to your own drive (as usual this doesnt concern any data on your home account, you’re free to do whatever you want with that space). while you’re at it, also burn some DVD to double backup all the really important data (stuff that cant be reproduced, like original digital photos etc).
it’s your responsibility that you have current backups of all your data, accidents can (and will) happen and i will have to delete old data on the scratch disks on the end of the month to make room for new projects.

++ c.

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