I am posting this since no one seems to read it – its also updated to reflect current realities.
How to take part in activities:
In general, class meetings are open to anyone. However if you choose to attend informally this does not mean that you are considered a student or could earn any formal credits. It means you are welcome to attend and join the discussion.
For more formal affiliations, especially concerning support for all sorts of
grants (DAAD) and other applications, or the wish to transfer from another art school, the rule is extremely simple: pls follow the class in person for one term before asking such recommendations. I am getting up to two hundred requests per term. Then you will be able to state your request to the class (once a year) and it is up to the class to decide whether to endorse this request. If you are a UdK student already, make yourself know to the tutor, you can apply once a year to change to our class. All decisions are up to the class and it will not help if you send an email to Mr. Steyerl two days after an application deadline to declare how much you´ve always loved his work. If you have been assigned to our class as exchange student, make yourself known to the tutor as swiftly as possible. If you just to want to hang out with us you are welcome to join meetings seminars and workshops.
For entry exams and applications to become a regular student at UdK, pls get in
touch with faculty administration and follow regular procedures. Good luck. The class has nothing to do with this procedure whatsoever.
Letters of recommendation: any request that reaches me less than two weeks before your deadline will not be taken into consideration, especially not requests with a 48 or 24h deadline.
If you are on a general exchange programm and would like to follow class meetings pls get in touch with Gago at lensbased115@gmail.com
Presentations in class and small group meetings:
Recommended format for presentations:
you will have around 45 min to present your work to the class, including
discussion. Presentations are most productive, if they include the discussion of at
least one work in progress, plus – if your work is not yet know to everyone else
– one or two previous projects for us to be able to take into account your artistic
If you apply to the class you have 10-15 min for your presentation.
If you join a tutorial you will be expected to take part in other peoples tutorials as well, that is to stay the duration of the session between 10 and 13h. It is a small group session and you are expected to give feedback to others if you want to receive it yourself.

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