This is the about section of this blog and describes the class agenda.
I think that people are not reading it, so I am posting it front page. This is to actively deter overly opportunistic people from attending this class. We larp Florian INC (see below). We are not Florian INC. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE THIS CLASS IS RENAMED LANDSCAPE CLASS. IF THINGS DO NOT IMPROVE WE´LL ESCALATE TO PORTRAIT CLASS NEXT TERM AND DRAW NUDE FACES IN CHALK FOR 6 MONTHS.
Lensbased Agenda:
– the class is committed to discussing the material, political, social implications of  form. Form is understood as organisation.
– Lensbased is not actually lensbased.
– the class is based at the University of Arts Berlin, but understands itself as an open format.
– We are not interested in genius, obscurantism, and aesthetic, ethical and intellectual complacency. It is considered extremely uncool to try to enroll colleagues as interns for your own projects. We will politely yawn if you want any advice how to make average, hip or worst of all post-internet art. If you want career advice there are plenty of other opportunities at UdK. If you try to hide the failures of your work by invoking the anthropocene, chances are you understand neither. Please stay away, you are wasting your time and our patience. We will however sometimes tolerate vanity art, occasional spamming, risky pretexts and bad hair days.

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