Next larp: Googleheim Telavi merges with Florian INC.

Florian Reincarnated: Towards an art Post-Internship.
Following his epoch-defining show at KOW Berlin that sent his stock soaring and paved the way for his subsequent flotation on the NASDAQ, Florian Incorporated underwent a corporate re-structuring, merging with the Googleheim to form a new multinational conglomerate, strategically re-branded as the Florian Corporation. In a characteristically audacious move, The Florian Corporation has announced that he is taking the brave and selfless decision to follow in the footsteps of philanthropic visionaries such as Bono, Zuckerberg and Gates, in pledging to donate 99% of his Googleheim stock, worth an estimated $99bn, to the formation of Florian LLC, a new Limited Liability Company with charitable aims. Florian LLC will invest in ideas that promote and uphold the values of the Florian Corporation, to advance human creative potential and promote equality, so that a little bit of Florian can be incorporated into the next generation.
The first charitable act of Florian LLC is to grant six artists an unprecedented opportunity to participate in an unpaid internship at the Florian Institute, an arts-focused subsidiary of the Florian Corporation, on a mission to educate and engage the community at large with the Florian Method. A core objective of the Florian Institute is to disrupt traditional labour paradigms by promoting the concept of ephemeral wages, with a commitment to the radical dematerialization of compensation. Only by fully submitting to the Florian Method can artists gain access to a patented strategy that grants them the liberty to waive creative control over their carnal expression.
Under the auspices of UP Gallery Berlin, six artists emerge for the first time from the Florian Institute’s incubation hub. Those artists who fulfil their creative potential by demonstrating their market viability, will be considered to have successfully completed the Florian Method, such artists will themselves be immediately incorporated, joining the Florian family and becoming wholly owned subsidiaries of their loving parent company – the publically traded Florian Corporation. Failure to complete the Florian Method will be considered a breach of contract, such artists will no longer qualify for incorporation, and will duly be asset-stripped, liquidated and left in the care of the state.
Florian LLC (the financial vehicle formerly known as Florian Incorporated) is represented by Gagosian Gallery Los Angeles, White Cube Hong Kong and UP gallery Berlin.

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