Welcome back!

Welcome back to our lousy, post-communist, impoverished and provincial free programme,  communicated in spammy  IAE. No money here sorry, unless you copy-paste it yourself!
Here´s a preview: continued great input from grad school participants. Stefan Hayn: Cinema and Painting, take two, Antony Iles, Marina Vishmidt and Anke Hennig on Speculation in Art and Literature, a WS with Zhang Peili in late June. Also Now Extended group restaging their show for Kunstwerke in early June (initial contributors only). Digital practice focus expanded via informal occasions. Perhaps even class studio space!
Wear your best greenscreen cloak and accessorize with a fake Gucci Mane anti paparazzi handbag! also start preparing your elevator pitches for April 23rd.
Save the date: April 16th, 14h same old venue.

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