Andrea Böhm on Friday, January 11th at 10.30

Andrea Boehm works as a journalist mainly in areas of conflicts and crisis. She will talk about the conditions of her work and the job-related “deformations” that result out of this conditions, specially in the field of crisis reporting. When and how do journalists realize customary narrations in there own work and how can they leave these tracks, are questions that will be discussed and answered by Andrea Boehm in consideration of her own work.
Andrea Boehm writes for the politics sector of “Die Zeit” and recently published her second book, a travel report about the situation in Congo which she constantly investigates. In the last years she was mainly working in Africa and the Middle East and is supposed to open the new Middle East office of “Die Zeit” in Beirut in the beginning of the next year. She is also very active in the fight against the use and production of land mines and cluster bombs.
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