“Your synthesis of disparate elements will be stronger if you proceed with a sober gesture,an act of consistency, capture, or extraction that works in a material that is not meager but prodigiously simplified, creatively limited, selected. For there is no imagination outside of technique. The modern figure is not the child or lunatic, still less the artist, but the cosmic artisan: a homemade atomic bomb-it’s very simple really, it’s been proven,it’s been done.”
–Thousand Plateaus
I think Wilhelm Reich was a cosmic artisan in that sense. I’m afraid my presentation promises to be lacking in the said qualities of cosmic artisanry, which won’t really do Wilhelm justice. never mind.
This flowing text, it’s more a reference than a read through. a kind of bibliography of images or a table of contents, for the slide show. It is difficult but important to decide what order to put things in, important that a list take on some semblance of a narrative. Like a chronological listing of historical events.
The Respectable Reich: Building Character
Little willy. The Austro-Hungarian Artillery. An Italian lover. Wien. Freud. Libido. Oedipus. Neurosis. Analysis=> Resistance—The death drive? Or the Character. The Armor. The Mussels. And an apocalyptic Orgasm to cure them all. Vegiotheraphie not Dream-work. The Bio-electrical experiments. Sex Pol. Sexual economics and education. against Fascism. Cancer. Kern-Plasma Relation. the mean little man.
A kind of Genealogy of the Cartoon: between Diagram and Picture, Physics and Metaphysics
2D into 3D super smooth or wrinkled flat figures from the “dawn of man”. reliefs work in planet of the apes . the stone tabulates. toast man, sponge bob and professor hats. The Egyptian Coloring Books. Plato’s Cave. Cave men. Monkey Sex. Sexual Selection vs Natural Selection. Accidental Qualities. Beards and such. The becoming Monkey Darwin. Spinoza! Monism becomes a cartoon! BOOM! BWAK! POW! PTANG! THUD! SLAM! WAK! WAK! ZAPT! Pop-Eye and other Super Heroes. Is Spiritism Empirical? Mechanism vs Functionalism Pictures Vs Diagrams. Atomic Energy vs “Super Weak Energy” ie Organ Energy, Ether, Qi. Manga; Hiroshima, Erotica, Kung Fu.
His Psychosis: Getting Cosmic and Loving Acronyms in the USA
No prodigal organism. Life begins spontaneously., ubiquitously with the Bions. SAPA radiation. The accumulator experiments. Blue lights. Tingling. Warmth. The Einstein Affair. Astronomical observations. Atmospheric Energy. Medical experimentation. Radioactivity and Orgon Energy. The ORENUR experiment. Meteorological experimentation and cosmological Speculation. DOR. Cloud-busters. Space guns. Flying Saucer phenomena in the late 50’s and the USAF. the Hippsters and the HIGGS. Red Fascists are out to get him. The FDA too. The Christ Murder. Angels. Seacrete friends in high places: President Eisenhower ( a genital character per excellence) and The CORE(Cosmic ORogon Engineering) people ie. the ETs: Friends or Foes?—– Radioactive immunization of Atmosphere? Anti-Desertification. The Tucson Campaign. The smear Campaign. Trial. Book burning. Incarceration. Death.
Orgonomie’s Legacy (besides the thriving internet cottage industry of Orgon Products) Is it all about the Ions? A “super atomic” energetics, a science of the atoms accidental qualities? Ionization based rain-farming in Dubai. Patents for orgon based alternative energies and anti gravity machines.
An Afterword: Anti-Sex beyond Neurosis: The BwO (the Body Without Origins)
Deleutz and Guttarie differentiate the concept of BWO as “full” “empty” and “cancerous” in Thousand Plateaus after introducing it in a more limited way Anti Oedipus. I will suggest that this differentiated understanding of the BWO is useful to expand or differentiate on Reich’s seemingly narrow understanding of orgasm and sexual repression and impotency and and foster a poetic understanding of his Cosmic exploits. I think we can appreciate this on the example of Hennry Dargers “Glandeco-Angelinian War Storm” drawing, and clips from Brother Sun, Sister Moon (St Francis and st Clair brought to you by the Sexual Revolution), or The Day the Earth Stood Sill (Reich’s favorite Flying Saucer Film) if we have time.

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