Monday Screenings: Safe, Todd Haynes, May2nd, 19h, R115

SAFE D:Todd Haynes, SONY, USA 1995

the second feature film by acclaimed queer filmmaker Todd Haynes.
With a wonderful cast – above all JULIANE MOORE. set in the late 80s san fernando valley the second monday screening takes us further out of the californian city into the outer rims and landscapes, where civilization has a sickening effect and is not as simple to adapt to as in invasion of the body snatchers! hahahaha.
Like Invasions we follow the story through grandiose structured shifts.a very simple narrative rhythm, subtle and disastrously violative to both feelings and expected filmcodes. sucked into a suburbia universe of pastell horrors and characters lost in wide shots, into scientific and esoteric explanations of deeply raped psychic situations. a spectacular setdesgn and badalamentiesque soundtrack.
please enjoy with Jeff Goldblum.
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