Monday screenings

Monday 18TH APRIL 1900 RAUM 115 Hardenbergstrasse Udk
A space of filmscreenings Jeff Goldblum would like to introduce.
everybody is invited to show films he she wants to show. dicussions could be following

R:Phillip Kaufman, MGM, USA 1978
remake of the 50s KALTHorror “Invasion of the Body Satchers” directed by Don Siegel, USA 1956.

Invasion of bodysnatchers

Starring Donald Sutherland as a dreaded cuisine critic public health department man and Brooke Adams as his sensitive friend and partner. Lenard Nemoy in a satanic therapeutic role and of course Jeff Goldblum.
The most incredible filmestablishing sequence, a maniac thrilling camerastyle and an exceptional alien menace. A film that seems to change its style every 30 minuits. seems to be 4 films in one.
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