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hello class,

for those who don’t know yet, i’m at the universitiy during the semester break as well, wednesday and thursday 13-17.00, if i’m away for a few days i’ll let everybody know trough the class mailing list and the blog.

i also would like to ask everybody to only call me on my mobile if it’s something *really* urgent. it gets a bit annoying if i get ten calls every week asking when i’m at the universitiy next time, or where to buy DV tapes etc. if you would like to discuss a project, just come by at the university, during the semester break there’s usually not a lot happening so i have plenty of time and it’s much more pleasant to talk to people directly rather then trying to explain a complex topic over the phone or in a few lines of an email.

we’ll also have to handle the printing much more strictly in the future:
printing is *only* possible with an advance payment from now on (no exceptions)!

finally, there wont be technical workshops during the semester break because a lot of people are away, but if there’s any interest (let me know) i would gladly show and discuss some films, for example:

“l’atalante”, “apropos de nice” (jean vigo)
“the general” (buster keaton)
“man of aran” (a documentary by robert flaherty)
“when we were kings” (a documentary about muhammed ali)

all the bests
++ christoph ++

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