Artist Talk with curator and writer Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu: “Aesthetics of togetherness”

Aesthetics of togetherness

Thu 15. June 17h,Hardenbergstraße 33, R 115

When paradigms shift and collapse in Europe and around the world, many urgent self-reflexive questions arise for contemporary art praxis and theory. Our present is mostly an echo-chamber in fragments and yet the future needs to be invented by people. The hyper-masculine hegemony names decades of struggles by workers, women,
LGBTI, environmentalists, migrants as weaknesses. Therefore, it is our very responsibility – as artists, writers, curators, cultural and intellectual workers- to develop new languages of resilience and stand for all the gains. Can we define an aesthetics of togetherness in the fractured present? What is the affect and effect of art in the new narratives?

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